Wacker Sealants

  • GP-N Glazing Neutral (Filled/Unfiled)

    This is a one part, neutral silicone sealant with outstanding adhesion to most building substrates. It further exhibits good weather resistance and workability for glazing.

    + Application

    • Windows Glazing
    • Joint sealing for prefabricated building
    • Sealing for UPVC, Wooden and AL Window
    • Sealing for Akaline Substrate such as concrete

    Wacker PA is one-part, acid-curing, high-modulus silicone sealant for glazing and industrial applications.

    + Application

    • Glass and windows construction
    • Sealing of joints between glazing and supporting structure (frame, transoms, millions)
  • SG 79 – Structural Glazing

    This is a high-strength onepart neutral cure sealant for structural glazing and curtainwall expansion joints.

    + Application

    • Structural Glazing

    Wacker WN is one-part neutral silicone sealant that exhibit good adhesion to exteriorjoint and display outstanding weather resistence and durability.

    + Application

    • Joint for windows perimeter
    • Joint for cleanroom panel
    • internal/external joint of building
    • joint for Aluminum panel
    • External joint of curtain wall building